Brazil Mushrooms Spore


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Dosage Guide
MICRO 0.10-0.30g
BEGINNER 0.30-1.00g
AVERAGE 1.00-3.00g


Brazil Mushrooms Strain

Brazilian magic mushrooms spore grow quickly and are brown and yellow, with large fruit bodies. Magic Mushrooms contain psilocybin and psilocin, which both create psychedelic experiences when ingested. They can be chewed and swallowed, or steeped in tea. Used in religious rituals for thousands of years, they create spiritual experiences, a heightened sense of color, and euphoria. This grow kit will let you plan your own trippy experience at home, and is easy to take care of, even for beginners. One of the fastest colonizing strains around. It produces some nice, large, meaty fruits with the veil tending to be thicker at the cap causing it to tear from the stem most of the time. This is a prolific fruiting strain. It is an extremely fast colonizer with mycelium that tears through the substrate.

Brazilian Cubensis for its’ powerful high that lingers and its’ insightful psychotropic effects. This unique variant of magic shrooms provides psychotropic properties that may help users with behavior and mood issues while they still provide intense visual stimulation and a fun, positive high. Brazilian Cubensis is a versatile mushroom, that is great for micro-dosing, as well as recreational and medical use – the versatility of effects makes this strain great for use in any occasion and setting.


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